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Resources and External References

Both Yoga and Meditation have been practice in the East for thousands of years. Modern science, on the other hand, has just beginning to explore the potential health benefits that both can offer. This is good news especially for those who are skeptical about the process. Many think Yoga and Meditation are just practices in the past. However, this is not the case as there are ample amount of evidences and proofs that both can work and provide better health health benefits in our modern world. In fact, when practice seriously and consistently, one can tap into an infinite power of healing. Not many people will be able to achieve such greatness of skill, but some practitioners have proven it’s possible.

Below are resources from all over the globe compiled as references to studies and observations about Yoga and Meditation. We’ve heard the amazing benefits of these ancient practices. In fact, many great results with are being perceived today as miracle.

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